With summer just around the corner I think it is safe to say that this year is going to be very, very busy! There are many groups full of wonderful guests coming in to visit us very soon. We look forward to having everyone visit us! There will be long hot summer days full of swimming, horseshoes, wine, movie nights with popcorn, fun and sun! I would like to thank everyone who has visited us in the past and who is going to visit us in the future. SEE YOU ALL VERY SOON!!!

Donny Buhl


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We would like to thank everyone for visiting us while bringing in the new year! We never let the cold get us down!!!

We have a new YouTube Channel! Check out our Holiday Game of "Face The Cookie".

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Here at Seven Feathers RV Resort we have a Christmas party every year for all of the employees. It will be full of fun, food, and gifts! Oh yeah...and an ugly sweater contest of course. Let me explain... Every year there is some sort of contest or games to have fun with and give us a reason to keep the party going, so to speak. This year is the "Ugly Sweater Contest"!!! Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like too. Whoever has the ugliest sweater, wins! I'm just waiting intently to see if anyone goes all Lady Ga-Ga on us and wears a sweater made of nothing but meat. Wait a tick...I think I just found my ugly sweater! :)~ Shhhh....Don't tell anyone. So, come this time tomorrow night we will all be full of food and drink, self-conscious...

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We are very happy to see all of our friends from up north! We will see the rest of you soon! We are grateful for all of the wonderful guests we receive here at Seven Feathers RV Resort! Don't forget to like us and redeem your $19 night coupon good Sun-Thurs on Facebook! Just follow this link!!!

With the bad weather kicking it, it becomes difficult sometimes to keep our spirits high. It is a scientific fact that bad weather and no sunlight brings on bad attitudes and overall negative energy in the workplace and at home. Sunlight produces Vitamin D in the human body when the light hits are skin. Vitamin D is essential to the well being of all of us. Google it!!! It's amazing how one little chemical can have such a profound affect on our behavior and health.

We find that there are plenty of activities we can do as a team (at Seven Feathers RV Resort) to keep our attitudes positive and our spirits high! My personal favorite thing that we do as a team to boost moral and attitude is having a company meal together. Every now...

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So our fearless leader had a birthday recently...We all thought it would be fun to trick him and make him think there was an accident that he needed to address right away. This drew him out of the office like a buck out of the woods to a cake and the "Happy Birthday" song! He was surprised as I have ever seen him! We had a great time eating cake :) Happy Birthday George!

Seven Feathers RV Resort: Boss's Birthday Surprise!

The crew of Seven Feathers RV Resort decided to trick and surprise our boss; George Chavez!

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We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to our fearless leader...George Chavez!!! We all had a great time eating his Birthday Cake! :)

We hope everyone has a very safe and Happy Halloween! Don't forget that we have many promotions for Halloween going on over at Seven Feathers Casino! Like Seven Feathers RV Resort on Facebook and click on the $19 coupon rate to save BIG while staying the night! Just click the post where it says "Redeem Offer", check your email, then print or show the coupon at our front desk. It's that easy. Come join the fun!


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