It's that time of the year! This Memorial Day weekend please join us on our 4th Annual Seven Feathers RV Resort Rally! We have a plethora of festivities for you to take part with the theme BLAST FROM THE PAST. An unannounced artist is having a concert at Seven Feathers Casino over the weekend so don't miss out!
Concert tickets are sold separately.

Please call us for information or for package reservations.

Let's Rock and Roll!


Happy Holidays!

By Stalin Britto

Seven Feathers RV Resort Team 2018

Happy Holiday wishes to everyone from the Seven Feathers RV Resort team!

Cold weather brings dangerous road conditions so drive safe to your families.

Here's to a new year!

Guaranty RV Palooza!

By Allistair Canete

Our friends at Guaranty RV are here once again showcasing a wide variety of RVs! There are 150+ RVs here total at Seven Feathers RV Resort and at the Seven Feathers Casino Resort so you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

Stop by today or before September 3rd and check them out!


We would like to thank everyone who joined the 3rd Annual Seven Feathers RV Resort Rally and Guaranty RV Showcase! We hope that you join us in our 4th Annual Seven Feathers RV Resort Rally 2019.


Please join us on our 3rd Annual Seven Feathers RV Resort Rally and Guaranty RV Showcase May 25, 26 & 27, 2018. Call us at 541-839-3599 to make RV Rally package reservation.

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With summer just around the corner I think it is safe to say that this year is going to be very, very busy! There are many groups full of wonderful guests coming in to visit us very soon. We look forward to having everyone visit us! There will be long hot summer days full of swimming, horseshoes, wine, movie nights with popcorn, fun and sun! I would like to thank everyone who has visited us in the past and who is going to visit us in the future. SEE YOU ALL VERY SOON!!!

Donny Buhl


We would like to thank everyone for visiting us while bringing in the new year! We never let the cold get us down!!!

We have a new YouTube Channel! Check out our Holiday Game of "Face The Cookie".

Check out or Blog on Tumblr!!!

Here at Seven Feathers RV Resort we have a Christmas party every year for all of the employees. It will be full of fun, food, and gifts! Oh yeah...and an ugly sweater contest of course. Let me explain... Every year there is some sort of contest or games to have fun with and give us a reason to keep the party going, so to speak. This year is the "Ugly Sweater Contest"!!! Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like too. Whoever has the ugliest sweater, wins! I'm just waiting intently to see if anyone goes all Lady Ga-Ga on us and wears a sweater made of nothing but meat. Wait a tick...I think I just found my ugly sweater! :)~ Shhhh....Don't tell anyone. So, come this time tomorrow night we wil...

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